To embrace change is to imagine a brighter future!

Dayainara is a contributive strategic transformation consulting firm empowering the global ecosystem for a better Indonesia. Our ambition is to collaborate with the global community and put ourselves as a client’s strategic transformation partner in creating new behavior that embraces change to grow sustainably by unleashing the potential of capable people.

We aim to understand our clients’ market behavior and society, as we believe that their long-term performance is linked to the prosperity of the society they operate. Therefore, to embrace change is to imagine a brighter future by responding to challenges while seizing existing opportunities to ensure sustainability.

As a part of the Daya Lima, Dayainara supports Sustainable Development Goals by translating clients’ dreams into a thriving reality and inspires their organization to accelerate better quality of life.

Our Vision Is To Become A Trusted Global “humanizing” Strategic Partner In Empowering The Transformative Power Of Sustainability By Focusing On The Three Mantras As Mission:

Contribute To Accelerating Better Quality Of Life

by orchestrating the global ecosystem and engaging diverse good citizenship human well-being

Dream Big For A Brighter Future

by promoting people not only to think again but also to think ahead and across as courage to innovate

Inspire Others For Goodness

by energizing novel stories with compassion and an agile execution plan


  • Be open to differences
  • Be respectful (no blaming nor shaming)
  • Be caring & sensitive to others


  • Be true to yourself; speak up and speak the truth
  • Take risks in learning & seek feedback
  • Provide psychological safety to promote innovation


  • Finish what we promised to finish
  • Use personal power, not position power

Values & Culture


Elevate client service by implementing effective solutions and innovative management practices.


Engage in collaborative efforts to exchange ideas and knowledge without limitations.


Respect the diverse perspectives and expertise of individuals while recognizing the unique value each person brings.


Foster mutual growth through apprenticeship and mentorship.


Creating constructive and lasting change through the delivery of value.

Expert & Senior team

About Dayalima<

About Dayalima

Strategic partners that support personal and organizational transformation through solutions based on a human approach powered by technology.

DayaLima aims to form leaders who have a common mission to advance humanity through ideas, capabilities, and care for the next thousand generations. We call these Leaders of a New Planet.

We are your partner in strategy execution through capable people

DayaLima is a holding company that houses Daya Dimensi Indonesia, Daya Inara, DayaLima Recruitment, YILB, Klobility, and Klob.