Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information is important to PT Daya Inara Amanah, therefore please read this Privacy Policy carefully, to ensure that Users understand that these terms apply.

This Privacy Policy forms part of the Website’s Terms of Use.
The use of each word contained in this Privacy Policy that begins with a capital letter has the following meanings, and other definitions are set out in the Terms of Use:

  • “Personal Information” is data, information, which is used to identify individuals or Users or other data entered or submitted to PT Daya Inara Amanah through the Website.
  • “Process” includes, but is not limited to, the act of obtaining, storing, collecting, storing, processing, analyzing, transmitting, announcing, displaying, spreading, destroying, deleting.

This Privacy Policy sets out the following questions:

  1. Types of Personal Information We Process;
  2. Purpose of Processing Personal Information;
  3. Retention of Personal Information;
  4. Personal Information disclosed;
  5. User’s Liability for Personal Information;
  6. Approval;
  7. Security;
  8. Privacy Policy Changes; and
  9. Contact us.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be notified to the User, if the User does not agree to the Policy or the change, the User is prohibited from continuing to use the Website, but if the User continues to use the Website, its use will be considered as approval of the Changed Policy changes.



When User registers and/or uses certain services provided on the Website, then:

  1. Users will be asked to provide some Personal Information to continue the Process of providing Services on the Website;
  2. Personal Information required in connection with the Personal Account process, including but not limited to name, email address, telephone number, place of work, and others available on the Website;
  3. Wherever such Personal Information is requested by the Website as “necessary”, the User is obliged to provide or submit the Personal Information on the Website. If the User does not agree to provide or submit such Personal Information, the Website will not be able to provide services, features and links on the Website, and the User’s request will be refused.



The purposes of the Personal Information Processing are as follows:

  1. To verify the User’s identity in using and/or registering from any Service provided by PT Daya Inara Amanah on the Website;
  2. To provide Services to Users including providing other links provided on the Website;
  3. To send you a confirmation of your registration with one or more of the Services provided on the Website;
  4. To contact the User in connection with the Services available on the Website;
  5. To monitor and improve the Services available on the Website;
  6. To maintain and develop the Website and the Services, as well as the features therein;
  7. Increase understanding and need for information and communication needs in connection with improving and modifying services on the Website;
  8. Carry out research and development along with statistical analysis in relation to services to identify symptoms or trends of User usage needs, to provide service improvements and accommodate community needs;
  9. To detect or prevent acts of fraud, embezzlement, or other illegal activities;
  10. For the process of purchasing any Services provided by PT Daya Inara Amanah;
  11. For daily operations, and services, and features provided on the Website;
  12. Sending seasonal greetings and/or other messages to Users including but not limited to providing information to Users regarding errors or inconsistencies on the Website;
  13. To send Users tips, news, newsletters, suggestions, survey results, other information, including related to the use of the Website; and/or
  14. For purposes other than the above related to the Website and/or PT Daya Inara Amanah or its affiliates regarding other products and services.



The Website will store and retain User’s Personal Information for a certain period of time to fulfill the purposes as set forth in this Privacy Policy.



Personal Information will be disclosed by PT Daya Inara Amanah to other third parties in connection with the effective maintenance of the Website and the business purposes and services provided to Users. The parties who are allowed to receive User’s Personal Information are as follows:


  1. Third parties who have cooperation with PT Daya Inara Amanah to assist in the delivery of all or part of the services, features or information on the Website, including but not limited to:
    • Maintenance and repair services;
    • Market research and website usage analysis services;
    • PT Daya Inara Amanah Affiliates;
    • Other Human Resources Consultants;Third parties who have cooperation with PT Daya Inara Amanah to assist in the delivery of all or part of the services, features or information on the Website, including but not limited to:Third parties who provide services, programs, and/or links in connection with the needs of these third parties to follow up the process of running the services provided;
  2. Government agencies, or other authorities for the purpose of detecting or preventing prohibited acts or fraud, or for investigative purposes;
  3. Any party who is in a court proceeding or in a potential court proceeding, in the interest of a court proceeding;
  4. Professional Consultants who need information for the purpose of providing advice on the
  5. Website, its services and features;
    And other things that are allowed according to regulations related to data protection.


Users are responsible for providing accurate, non-misleading, complete and current information or data about themselves or others that is provided to PT Daya Inara Amanah in the use of the Website. If there is an inaccuracy in providing information from the User that causes all forms of loss, then the User releases and frees PT Daya Inara Amanah against all claims, compensation for claims, and other matters.



By using the Website, the User acknowledges that the User has read and understood this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, approves and agrees to the use, practice, process and transfer of User’s Personal Information by PT Daya Inara Amanah as stated in this Privacy Policy (which may change from time to time).
The User has obtained approval from any party for the information or data submitted by the User on the Website.


Each of Personal Data that we obtain in accordance with this Privacy Policy shall be protected with Our best effort through validated security devices. However, We do not warrant the confidentiality of the information You submitted, in the circumstances where there are other parties who unlawfully acquire and take advantage of such Personal Data from Us. We will do our best endeavor to prevent such access to Personal Data by unauthorized party.



You are entitled to request Us not to use Your Personal Data for marketing purpose. We will inform you and ask for Your approval before We use Your Personal Data for such purpose, or when We intend to disclose Your Personal Data to any third party for such purpose. You may exercise Your rights to refuse such data processing by leaving mark on the relevant form that We use in gathering Your data. Moreover, after You give Your approval upon such Personal Data that will be used for marketing purpose, you may subsequently, from time to time, withdraw Your approval by contacting us



The confidentiality of your data and Personal Information is of utmost importance to us. PT Daya Inara Amanah and/or the Website will apply the best efforts and actions to protect and store your data and Personal Information. However, PT Daya Inara Amanah and/or the Website does not guarantee the security of our database, and we also do not guarantee that the data that the User provides will not be stored or disrupted when sent to us. Any transmission of information, data or Personal Information to us is at the User’s own risk. A technology works effectively, there is no system that cannot be hacked or its security system cannot be penetrated.



PT Daya Inara Amanah and/or the Website may change any of the provisions in this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in activities, services, or simply changes in terms to complement both for continuity of service and to comply with applicable regulations. Accordingly, we will notify the User by e-mail or by any other possible means in connection with such changes.
We urge Users to always check this Privacy Policy periodically to find out the latest information about the terms of the Privacy Policy that we apply.



If the User has any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our contact center service at