Rozan Anwar
Post by Master
22. Apr 2024

People know Dr. Rozan Anwar – or as he is familiarly known Idan – as a passionate visionary. During a turbulent period in 1998, Idan and his friends founded Daya Dimensi Indonesia with a commitment to do business with integrity. Idan groomed Daya Dimensi Indonesia’s own talents and led many innovations to build better leaders for Indonesia. Idan secured partnerships with industry leaders such as Development Dimensions International, GME (Goldrich- McAllister Eberg) Australia, Randstad, and Elevation Barn. Idan also helped transform leaders and built meaningful relationships with individuals and organizations.

While currently a Commissioner in the Dayalima Group, Idan is also an active advisor for the group’s emerging businesses; Klob focuses on youth development and Dayainara for strategic consulting. Idan is also a qualified Master Trainer of Development Dimension International’s modules, Executive Coach, People Strategist Consultant, University Lecturer, Mentor, Public Speaker, and Advisor to many prominent organizations. Idan enjoys performing arts and discussing books with kindred spirits in his spare time.